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Diocese Of Salt Lake City

Welcome to CMG Connect
The Diocese of Salt Lake City training hub

This new system will help walk you through training requirements for your organization.

If you have done training in the past and set up an account, you will use that same username and password.  Please click the ‘Sign In’ tab at the top of the screen.

If you are new to training, please set up an account.  You will be asked to complete all required boxes.  We recommend using your email as the username.

Bienvenido a CMG Connect
El centro de entrenamiento de la Diócesis de Salt Lake City

Este nuevo sistema le ayudará a conocer los requisitos de capacitación de su organización.

Si usted ha hecho entrenamiento en el pasado y ha creado una cuenta, usará el mismo nombre de usuario y contraseña.
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Below is additional information to assist you in registering your new account:


 Please select the parish, school or organization that you are primarily associated with. If you are employed at or volunteer at additional secondary sites/locations, they can be added as a secondary site/location by the parish/school SEC (Safe Environment Coordinator).

USCCB Role Definitions:

  • Employees – Paid persons (other than priests/deacons or educators) who are employed by and work directly for the diocese, parishes/schools, or other organization such as diocesan/chancery/pastoral center staff, ministers who are paid, parish/school support staff, office staff, school coaches, CCS, etc. 

  • Candidates for Ordination – All seminarians and candidates for the permanent diaconate (NOT aspirants).

  • Priests – Priests in active ministry (including “retired” clerics who are active and continue to have faculties and celebrate occasional sacraments). 

  • Deacons- Deacons in active ministry (including “retired” deacons who are active and continue to have faculties and celebrate occasional sacraments). 

  • Volunteers – Unpaid persons who assist the diocese, parish, or school such as catechists, youth and other parish and school volunteers, ministry volunteers, fraternal and other organization volunteers, etc.  

  • Educator (Catholic School Administrator and Teachers Only)PAID teachers, teacher/classroom aids, principals, vice-principals, administrators, school librarians, and school counselors in diocesan/parish schools.

Participation Role/Category Definitions:

    Note that you may need to select more than one, however, only select those that are applicable to you. Important Note: If you will drive even one time as a volunteer for parish or school activities (such as a field trip), you must also select the Participation Role “Employee/Volunteer Driver”.

    Volunteer: Unpaid ADULTS (over 18yrs.) who assist the diocese, parish, or school. If your primary participation role is one of the exceptions, do not select Volunteer as your participation role, instead, select the role that is applicable. ExceptionsCatechist, Knights of Columbus, Coach. Scout leader, CCS

    Employee: Paid ADULTS (over 18yrs.)  who are employed by and work directly for the diocese, or parishes/schools. If your primary participation role is one of the exceptions, do not select Employee as your participation role, instead, select the role that is applicable. ExceptionsClergy/Religious/Seminarian, Teacher (Catholic Schools), Principal/Vice Principal/Administrator, Coach, Hill AFB*, CCS*

    Catechist: Parish Religious Education/Faith Formation teachers.

    Youth Minors: Volunteer students/minors ages 11-17.

    Clergy/Religious/Seminarian: All active clergy, religious and seminarians, including retired who are active and continue to have faculties and celebrate occasional sacraments.

    Teacher (Catholic School)PAID Catholic School teachers/educators, teacher/classroom aids, school librarians, and school counselors in diocesan/parish schools. If your primary participation role is one of the exceptions, do not select Teacher as your participation role, instead select the role that is applicable. ExceptionsPrincipal/Vice Principal/Administrator, Coach

    Driving Administrator: Driving Administrators only, employed at diocesan parishes or schools.

    Principal/Vice-Principal/Administrator: Catholic School Principals, Vice-Principals, and Administrators.

    Knights of Columbus: All Utah Knights serving/volunteering for diocesan parishes/schools.

    Coach: Volunteer or employee coach at a parish/school.

    Scout Leader: Volunteer scout leader in the diocese.

    Ministry to the Sick (EM II): Trained ministers (EM II) doing homebound ministry.

    Money Handler: Employees and volunteers who oversee parish/school financials including pastors, parish finance council members, finance office staff, parish secretaries, and other staff who handle finances including those who oversee parish festivals, ushers, etc.

    Employee/Volunteer Driver: Any diocesan/parish/school employee or volunteer who drives a diocesan/parish/school owned vehicle, a vehicle insured with the diocese/parish/school, or who drives a personal vehicle even one time for parish or school business or activities (such as a field trip) must also select this participation role in addition to your primary participation role. Important Note: This is a secondary participation role for employee/volunteer drivers. You must also select the applicable primary role/category (volunteer, employee, clergy, etc.)

    Hill AFB: Diocesan employees of Hill Air Force Base.

    CCS (Not with Diocese): All CCS volunteers and employees must select CCS as their Site/Location and Participation Role/Category. 

    *The Diocese of Salt Lake City complies with the CMG Connect Safe Environment program you will be asked to complete a background check as part of the training curriculum.  Your SSN# is encrypted and not saved in the system.  This sensitive information will not be available to your coordinator or Arch/Diocese.  All SSN#s are deleted once the report has been processed for review. 

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