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Support Topics

Account Status:

  • If you have taken Defensive Driving or Safe Environment training in the past, you already have an account.
  • Your Arch/Diocese may have also created an account for you as part of a historical data upload. If you areunsure, please contact your Arch/Diocese directly.
  • If you DO have an account you will click ‘Sign-In’ and enter your previous username and password.
  • If you don’t remember your username or password, click ‘Forgot Password’ to have the information emailed toyou directly. This will ONLY send a message if your email address is correct in the system.
  • You do not need to set up a new account each time by filling in the white boxes. The information boxes are fornew account creation only.
  • To ensure email delivery, add webmaster@cmgconnect.org to your address book, contacts, or safe sender list.
  • If you get a message that your username is taken you may already have an account – you do NOT need to create anew one. Contact your Arch/Diocese or  Click Here  for your username and/or to reset your password.

Account Set-Up:

  • If you are having difficulties setting up a new account, please Click Here  for assistance and include:
  • Your Arch/Diocese and parish or school
  • Your phone number and availability for a call-back
  • A description of where you are having difficulties

Technical Issues:

  • If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please  Click Here  and include:
  • Your Arch/Diocese and parish or school
  • A description of the difficulty you are having
  • The steps you have tried or the process that led up to the issue
  • Any screen prints that can help us determine the solution

Technical difficulties may include:

  • A tab on the dashboard does not open when clicking on it
  • An error code or error page is showing up
  • Start curriculum tab does not open

Trouble-Shooting Tips:

  • Video will not play
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Make sure your speakers are connected and turned on.
  • Ensure your browser is updated.
  • Curriculum still says ‘In Progress’
  • You may still need to complete a portion of your curriculum – click to re-enter the curriculum.
  • If your Arch/Diocese hosts Live Training Events your curriculum will not be complete until you attendthe class you pre-registered for, and the facilitator has verified your attendance in the system.

System Recommendations:

  • Google Chrome Version 46 or higher
  • Apple Safari Version 9 or higher
  • Microsoft Edge Version 33 or higher
  • Internet Explorer Version 10 and higher
  • iOS Safari Version 9 or higher

Paying for your background check:

  • The company name that shows up on your credit card statement will be: Fuzati CMG Connect.
  • You will receive a receipt for the payment within 24 hours (often sooner) for the payment.
  • If you are experiencing technical difficulties completing a training or a background check, please  Click Here
  • If you are experiencing background check PAYMENT isses, please  Click Here  and include:
  • Your First and Last name
  • Your account username
  • Your Arch/Diocese and parish or school
  • A description of the difficulty you are having
  • Any screen prints that can help us determine the solution

Change log

 Welcome do
 to CMG Connect 2.0.

Version 2.0 was re-written from the ground up. We are very proud of the advances that we have been able tomake in the performance of the website and believe that you will findit to be a much more responsive website moving forward. In addition to increasing performance, we havefocused on building the site with your usage in mind. Part of that process was tore-write how some of the report and exports take place. You will find that a few of the features/exports arenot currently included in this version of the platform. This is on pupose.You will see features return and new features appear over the course of this first week of the relaunch. Wehave strategically prioritized the relaunch based on the usage statisticsof the previous version of the website. We thank you for your patience and look forward to rolling outadditional features to make our parishes, schools and ministries a safer place.God Bless you and your ministries.